Welcome to the Manufacturing Matters Oregon Podcast

Over 200,000 family wage jobs at over 5,000 manufacturing businesses produce 47 billion dollars worth of proud NW products. Join us as we take you inside Oregon's robust manufacturing industry.

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Prosper Portland has generously funded the first season of the Manufacturing Matters Oregon Podcast, with support from Madden Fabrication and OMEP.

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A Collaborative Effort

These organizations are co-creating a podcast dedicated to advancing Oregon Manufacturing

Meet the Podcast Team

This podcast is a collaborative effort created by the dedicated organizations listed above. Technical expertise, hosting, and storytelling provided by the talented individuals below.

Linda Wechsler

OMEP Manufacturing Consultant

From prep kitchen chef, to food scientist, to supply chain and operations management, Linda brings a wealth of manufacturing experience to her role as host of Manufacturing Matters Oregon.

Dan Bruton

That Cast - Partner and CoFounder

That Cast provides creative strategy, audio production, distribution, branding & marketing consulting to connect your brand with listeners in an authentic and credible format.

Denisse Leon

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